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Pensioners flying to London mistakenly dropped off the flight by armed police officers

British pensioners mistakenly dropped off Air Canada flight and left at airport Montreal without things. This is reported The Daily Mail.

According to the publication, 71-year-old Richard Braley and his 66-year-old wife Patricia were taken out of the plane by armed police officers. Together with them, another 25 passengers, including a pregnant woman, were sent to the exit.

“We were in complete shock: we were thrown out of the plane, although we did nothing wrong,” the British complained.

The reason why they were not allowed to fly was not given to the travelers. According to airline employees, it is likely that the pensioners “were drunk or sat without masks.” At the same time, tourists insist that they did not drink alcoholic beverages, and besides, they complied with all anti-COVID measures.

As a result, the couple had to spend the night at the airport, because they could not find a hotel room, and the airline did not provide them with accommodation. The next day, the pensioners nevertheless flew to London: their son bought a ticket for another flight for 1.3 thousand pounds (85 thousand rubles).

According to the publication, Air Canada later admitted that it had dropped passengers by mistake. In a statement released by the carrier, it is said that the circumstances of the incident are currently being investigated.

Previously became knownthat low-cost airline EasyJet sold passengers tickets for non-existent seats in the 26th row, although there are only 25 rows on the plane. Tourists also complained that the crew members did not even try to help them.

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