“Perfectionist in life”: the best doctors of the year were awarded in St. Petersburg

“I can work even at the North Pole”

The Mariinsky hospital is in the very center of the city, and the place, as they say, obliges. A completely different contingent is brought here by ambulance.

– It is very difficult to work here, but it is interesting. They bring a variety of patients – this is all practice and taste. It seems to me that if you throw me now at least to the North Pole, I can work there too. Because here over the years I have gained tremendous experience in working in different conditions and with different patients,” says Natalia Gonchar.

About 60 people work at the largest department of the hospital. Most of the doctors are young people – many do internships here, and then stay. Rather, as Natalya Olegovna says, they leave the most intelligent and responsible, who are ready for an irregular schedule.

– I’m probably a strict leader. I don’t like it when doctors take sick leave for nothing. I think this is wrong. In general, I am a perfectionist in life – since school, and this is actually very difficult, – adds the head of the department.

We go along the corridor towards the residents.

– Here, this is my pride, – Natalya Olegovna smiles, introducing me to two girls.

– Do you have a strict leader? I ask one of them, 25-year-old Christina.

– Not strict. I am happy that I fell into the hands of Natalya Olegovna. She is not only a wonderful teacher, but also a friend and helper in life. If you listen to her, everything will be fine, – the girl replies. This summer she is getting her diploma from the University of Pediatrics.

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