Pope Francis is not going to Kiev

The archbishop does not visit the war zone. He justified his decision with the Argentine daily La Nacion “what good is it for the pope to visit Kiev if the war continues the next day?”

Pope Francis is not going to Kiev

In an interview with the BBC, he emphasized:

he tries his best to make peace, but sees that his journey would have rather disrupted the processes leading up to it.

He also spoke in the interview about his unexpected visit to the Russian embassy in the Vatican. As he said, he went it alone and made that decision himself one night thinking of Ukraine. Regarding why he never mentions Russia or its president in his statements condemning the war, the religious leader replied:

A pope never names a head of state, let alone a country that is even superior to its leader.

summed up the

Reuters wrote yesterday that a meeting between Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill scheduled for June would be postponed. Cyril

he has previously expressed support for Russia’s invasion of Russia, and is considered by many to be Putin’s ally.

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