Prices for domestic armored vehicles announced in the Ministry of Defense

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM – The Ministry of Defense has commented on the statement of the head of enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Kazakhstan that the cost of domestically produced armored vehicles is lower than foreign counterparts, Kazinform correspondent reports.

“Regarding the statement about the price of products of KPI LLP, which is two times cheaper than foreign analogues, we provide data on the cost. That is, this statement is also unreliable, ”the agency’s official commentary says.

According to the information provided, the cost of the Arlan armored vehicle (Kazakhstan) is estimated at 424,945,440 tenge, the Cobra 2 armored vehicle (Turkey) – at 345,600,000 tenge, the Aravis armored vehicle (France) – at 255,750,000 tenge, the armored vehicles ” Cougar H” (USA) – 218,550,000 tenge, armored vehicles “Tiger” (Russia) – 192,000,000 tenge.

Earlier, information was published in the media, which said that the cost of domestic armored vehicles is cheaper than foreign analogues.

“The plant has been producing products since 2016. Since that time, we have never been loaded at 100%. This year, the Ministry of Defense ordered six machines – 2% of the capacity. The maximum load was about 10-15%. That is, the plant never worked at full capacity. At the same time, we are constantly asked to reduce the price of products. Although our MRAPs (armored vehicle with enhanced mine protection) are already two times cheaper than their foreign counterparts, whose price starts at $1.5 million. And this is without stuffing,” said Aibek Barysov, head of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Kazakhstan.


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