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Yesterday during the morning conference of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador holder of the PROFECO, Roberto Sheffieldpointed out that they have been rooted in the implementation of the Package against Inflation and Famine (PACIC), they have been monitoring prices in the country’s supermarkets and supply centers.

If you are used to buying in supermarkets or you are one of those who prefer to go to the supply center, you should know which stores are more expensive or cheaper and so on. you can organize your economy

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What does Profeco say about the basic basket?

From the most expensive to the cheapest supermarket is in first place HEBin second place The eatingafter Soriana, Walmartfollows Chedrauiand until the end Aurrera Winery Y Law.

The prices of basic baskets in supermarkets, respectively, are, HEB, thousand 310 pesos and 14 cents; The eating, thousand 288 pesos; soriana, thousand 254 pesos; Walmart, thousand 232 pesos; Chedraui, thousand 184 pesos; Aurera Winery, 1,177 pesos; Law, thousand 173 pesos; supply centers, thousand 54 pesos.

“But the ones that tie as allies of consumers are Bodega Aurrera and Ley, which we can see are practically tied… these two are the most consumer alliesSheffield emphasized.

Until the last one he mentioned the supply centers as the most economical, “although these last two weeks have had an upward behavior, they are our allies.”

What is AMLO’s anti-inflation measure package about?

The head of the Ministry of Finance, Rogelio Ramírez de la O, presented the plan consisting of 16 key points to control inflationexplaining that this measure does not only seek total price control, but rather an agreement to guarantee that the basic basket has a fair price for Mexican families.

This includes the stabilization of the price of gasoline and diesel, an increase in the production of grains, delivery of fertilizers, elimination of the ammonium sulfate countervailing duty, increased road safety, road control, exemption from Carta Porte, rail transport , cost reduction and customs clearance time.

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It also includes the agile clearance of cargo in seaports, zero import tariffs, creation of a strategic corn reserve, guaranteed prices for corn, beans, rice and milk, the Diconsa and Liconsa supply program will be strengthened, there will be participation private in coordination committed with the government for six months, and the non-increase in prices of Telmex and Telcel services.

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