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The National Institute of Indigenous Peoples (INPI), the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) and the Ministry of Culture, through the National Institute of Indigenous Languages ​​(Inali), presented this Wednesday the Inter-institutional Program for the Promotion of Reading in Languages Natives.

The presentation is given as part of the International Decade of Mother Languages ​​2022-2032 and prior to the commemoration of the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, with the purpose of recovering national languages ​​other than Spanish to enrich identities, traditions, organizations, ways of feeling and to think.

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The Undersecretary of Basic Education of the SEP, Martha Velda Hernández, said that the Inter-institutional Program for the Promotion of Reading in Indigenous Languages ​​will help create the conditions for multilingualism to become a reality in the country.

Mexico is one of the 10 countries with the greatest linguistic wealth and the second in Latin America, only behind Brazil, thanks to the 60 languages ​​and around 364 variants that it houses.

However, the undersecretary recalled that almost all of them have been forgotten, causing the loss of worldviews, traditions, ways of understanding relationships with oneself, with others and with the world.

What projects does the program propose?

Within the projects of the Interinstitutional Program for the Promotion of Reading in Indigenous Languages, Inali launched two calls: one for the compilation of verbal arts and the constriction of writing, grammar and alphabet standards; and another for the creation of comics in the indigenous language.

For the collection projects, 23 projects will be selected that will be endowed with 100 thousand pesos for their realization.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Culture highlighted that the writing standards, in addition to all the support and recognition they have within the communities, are a tool that will help indigenous languages ​​to be used in all the institutions of the Administration. Public Federal, state and municipal and in this way the indigenous languages ​​will be on equal terms with Spanish.

“We want to work in a coordinated manner to promote the writing and reading of our indigenous languages, with special attention to those languages ​​that are in danger of extinction,” stressed the general director of the INPI, Adelfo Regino Montes.

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