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The head of the Ministry of Economy (SE), Tatiana Clouthier, presented the project Boosting the Film Sector, which will be focused on the film industry, the creation of television series and the production of commercials.

At a press conference, the head of the institution announced that the purpose of the project is promote the economic recovery of the film sector, as well as increasing the capacities of the national human capital that works in the sector, increasing investment and the number of productions in the country, and generating more dynamism in all phases of the value chain.

“The project will not be for one state or another but for everyone who wants to join this initiative,” Clouthier said.

According to the secretariat, the objective is to turn Mexico into a leading country at the international level in the creation of audiovisual content.

He added that the initiative was developed in collaboration with local governments, industry chambers, film production companies and national and international independent production companies.

The Ministry of Economy highlighted the creative industries, for their position as a strategic sector for the national economy, since the percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of culture represents 2.9 of the country’s total GDP, in addition, these industries create more than 1.22 million jobs.

“The film industry generates an economic benefit of more than 4.6 billion pesos in human capital,” indicated the SE.

The actions of this project are made up of three axes: actions for institutional and regulatory improvement, actions for the improvement of human capital and actions for a global industry.

In this context, the head of the Government of Mexico City commented that the processing of documents to make a film in the city itself was very slow and even corruption was present.

“The digitization of the processes helps us to keep corruption out of the paperwork in this and other sectors”, Sheimbaum highlighted during his participation in the event.

The aforementioned actions will be carried out at both the federal and state levels, through a strategy of collaboration with the secretariats of Economic Development throughout the country.

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The presentation was attended by the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum; heads and representatives of the Secretaries of Economic Development; the general director of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography, María Novaro; the president of the National Chamber of the Film Industry, Fernando Fuentes, and representatives of national and international film producers.

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