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Psychology Today: Women dissatisfied with their body lose interest in sex

Psychologist and geneticist Arash Emamzade spoke about bad sex in women who are dissatisfied with their bodies. About why girls with non-standard, according to modern society, parameters lose interest in sex and refuse intimate pleasures, the expert told in an article on the website Psychology Today.

The expert noted that society highly appreciates beauty, which is defined as youth and thinness. The imposed standards are broadcast through all sources – gloss, the Internet, TV. According to him, people who do not fit into this image critically evaluate themselves, which negatively affects their mental state and relationships.

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“For example, if we feel disgust at the shortcomings and imperfections of our body, we assume that strangers and even close people (spouses or loved ones) also think,” says Arash Emamzade.

The geneticist clarified that his colleague Alanna Hockey with a group of researchers tested dozens of heterosexual couples, in which partners were asked how they perceive each other and how satisfied they are with the quality of relationships and intimate life.

The results of the study showed that women who had a “bad” image of their own body were sure that their partners also pay attention to all their shortcomings. These thoughts influenced the strength of women’s sexual desire: it fell. At the same time, it turned out that men rarely focus on the external imperfections of their partner.

“So, in terms of relationship satisfaction and sexual satisfaction, what mattered most to the women in the study was their feelings about their own body, not their craving for a romantic partner,” the psychologist explained. “For men, it was the attraction to their beloved that mattered most, and the men who participated in the testing were more satisfied with sex.”

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