Relatives of miners trapped in Sabinas, Coahuila: authorities knew about the risk of excess water

Relatives criticized that the miners had to go down to work the exploitation by decision of someone who was not specified because since last Monday it was warned how risky the “pocito” located in the Agujita area was.

In an interview, the relatives of the trapped miners announced that two days ago they found out that there was excess water in the exploitation, which is why the workers were not allowed to enter on Monday and Tuesday.

However, this Wednesday it was decided that they should go down to work, since they are paid for each ton of coal extracted and a stoppage would bring with it liquidity problems.

So, they descended into the 50-meter-deep well and the terrible sinister occurred that left 30 meters presumably flooded by an underground river.

Therefore, they called on the authorities to carry out efforts to rescue at least 11 trapped miners, for which they emphasized that pumping equipment is necessary to drain the coal pit.

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For his part, Governor Miguel Riquelme lamented the tragedy and reported through his social networks that the rescue of the miners was a priority and that they were in coordination with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

Originally posted on The Sun of the Lagoon

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