Residents of Germany urged to save money to survive the winter without gas from Russia

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck

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Germany will be able to cope with dependence on Russian energy resources in the coming winter if all gas consumers make certain efforts to save blue fuel. This was stated by Federal Minister of Economics and Vice-Chancellor of Germany Robert Habek.

The representative of the German government stressed the need to save gas for both businesses and households. If it is possible to bring the level of savings up to 10%, this may be decisive in the coming winter, quotes Habek Wirtschafts Woche.

It will also be possible to survive the winter without Russian gas supplies if Germany has full gas storage facilities by the end of 2022 and if two of the four leased floating tankers for transporting liquefied natural gas are put into operation, the Vice Chancellor said.

Habek said two tankers carrying LNG supplied to Germany are already replacing a little less than a quarter of Russia’s natural gas imports. However, despite progress in overcoming dependence on energy supplies from the Russian Federation, Habek warned of the risks: gas prices will certainly be very high, and storage facilities will be empty by the end of winter.

Formerly Robert Habek put forward a number of proposals for saving taking into account the need to reduce dependence on Russian energy supplies. The minister suggested “heating your home less, visiting saunas less and taking showers less often.” The best way to keep the skin clean with these tips is the classic way of washing cats.

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