Residents of Russia on June 24 will be able to see a unique parade of planets

Parade of planets

On the night of Friday, June 24, Russians will be able to see a unique parade of planets. Seven planets will line up in one row at once – we are talking about Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Uranus.

How according to the newspaper “Izvestia”the inhabitants of the Russian Federation will not be able to see all the celestial bodies – the fact is that the remoteness of some planets will not allow you to look at them even from a telescope.

Above Mars and Venus is the crescent moon. Best of all, such a unique astronomical phenomenon will be noticeable from 2.30 Moscow time in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as in Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Omsk, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk. In the listed Russian cities, Mercury will be impossible to see because of the dawn.

From 3.30 to 4.00 Moscow time, the best conditions for viewing the parade of planets will be in the southern regions of Russia. The next time an astronomical phenomenon is predicted only after 18 years – September 8, 2040. On this day, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn will line up in a unique parade of planets, and between the latter there will be a crescent moon.

The parade of planets is a rather rare occurrence. According to astronomers, last time this event was observed in December 2044.

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