Rested on the Black Sea coast, a Russian woman warned about the deception of local merchants

Sochi beach pebbles
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A travel blogger from Russia had a rest in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory and then warned tourists about the widespread “lure” of local merchants.

In particular, the blogger drew attention to the outlets “All for 30 rubles.” She considered them a trap for naive vacationers, the author wrote about this on “Yandex.Zen” on Monday, August 1st.

“Probably, you have seen small shops more than once, where the price of 30 or 40 rubles temptingly flaunts. I first went to such a place a couple of years ago and was very disappointed. You go there and think that it’s good, everything is 30 rubles, how inexpensive, Wow! Come in with the mood, and there … How about 700 rubles? I ask the seller. You clearly say that everything is 30 rubles each, “explained the author of the blog.

The saleswoman of the outlet pointed out to the customer that only a part of the goods cost 30 rubles. All the rest are on the counter for a much higher price.

“I understand that everyone survives as best they can. But even such a lure somehow looks ugly in relation to the guests of the resorts. They no longer know what and how to lure,” the travel blogger was upset.

Previously another Russian woman described the rest in a popular place in Sochi words “cash on people” and “nothing to do.”

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