Revealed the details of the riot in the Kherson pre-trial detention center: Ukraine: Former USSR:

In the Kherson pre-trial detention center, the SBU was blamed for the riot

Acting head of the pre-trial detention center Igor Guryakov in an interview with RIA News disclosed the details of the riot in the Kherson pre-trial detention center, blaming Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

“This action was planned for a long time by the employees of the SBU. From my curator, I repeatedly received tasks to destabilize the situation in the institution, ”he said, adding that he tried with all his might to prevent the situation.

According to Guryakov, on May 11, he received a command from his curator from the SBU to release all the prisoners from the cells, then the situation escalated and began to get out of control. As a result, the entire personnel of the object’s security was deployed around the perimeter.

After the convicts began to approach the main barrier, they were repeatedly demanded to stop their illegal actions and return to their cells. However, after they started the assault, the security officers used their weapons. “First, there were shots upwards, then – to kill, as a result of which one prisoner died,” the officer said.

According to him, after that he contacted the military commander of the city and asked for assistance. As a result, employees arrived at the pre-trial detention center Russian law enforcement agencies to put down the rebellion. The interlocutor of the agency stressed that the SBU officers put pressure on him for his participation in organizing riots in the pre-trial detention center, pressure of a “personal nature”.

May 11 inmates of pre-trial detention center Kherson raised riot and tried to flee to the city. The pre-trial detention center in which the incident with the prisoners took place is located in the center of the city, it holds more than 280 prisoners, including those convicted of serious crimes. Among them, there are also 13 people sentenced to life in prison. The riots were suppressed by Ukrainian employees of the pre-trial detention center together with the Russian military police.

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