Rheumatologist Vystavkina explained how cabbage leaf is useful for arthritis

When does the cabbage leaf work

But you still need to see a doctor. There is a danger that by wasting time on applying cabbage, you get an appointment with a surgeon already with mastitis. Also, for chest pain that is not related to breastfeeding, it is worth contacting a mammologist to rule out cancer. “Anesthetizing” yourself with cabbage, there is a risk of losing time.

Cabbage leaf can relieve joint swelling, but this, again, does not remove the need to visit a doctor.

– You will need treatment – first to remove the attack, and then – to pick up drugs that reduce uric acid, – warned the rheumatologist Vystavkina. — And must be done in that order..

Cabbage leaf will relieve swelling. But after that you need to visit a doctor to make sure that it’s just a bruise, but not a fracture or torn ligament. Pain and swelling can occur for a variety of reasons.

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