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HSE considers US General Milley’s statement about the risk of conflict with Russia and China alarming

Chapter statement United States Joint Chiefs of Staff general Mark Milli about the increased risk of conflict with Russia and China is worrisome and indicates that the US military command is preparing for such a scenario. This is how he was assessed in a conversation with RIA News Professor of the Faculty of World Economy and World Politics NIU-HSE Vladimir Batyuk.

In his opinion, the general’s words demonstrate that the top military and political leadership of the United States no longer considers international terrorism the main threat, now the great nuclear powers – Russia and China are perceived as this, and “this cannot be ignored.” The expert believes that Washington is preparing for a conflict with Moscow and Beijing, is fraught with a global catastrophe.

Batyuk pointed out that General Milli is a career military professional, so his statement should not be treated as an election slogan. At the same time, he explained that an independent independent sovereign state, not only Russia and China, will never agree with the order in which “America is always and in everything right, no matter what it does in the international arena.”

General Milli made his statement during a speech to the graduates of the military academy at West Point and urged them to prepare for an international conflict involving Russia and China.

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