Russia found a way to secretly sell oil to the West

Tanker at the oil terminal

Bloomberg claims that Russia could have found a new way to secretly sell oil to Western countries that have already refused to buy it directly due to a special operation. According to the publication, Russian tankers unload oil in the small Egyptian port of El Hamra, where it is then mixed with local fuel.

On the morning of July 24, a cargo of about 700,000 barrels of Russian oil was delivered to the Egyptian Al Hamra oil terminal on the Mediterranean coast. A few hours later, another ship took a shipment of barrels from the same port. It is likely that all barrels contained Russian oil for its further resale to Western countries, writes Bloomberg on Wednesday, the third of August.

The publication explains that managed by the Egyptian company Western Desert Operating Petroleum Co. The Al Hamra terminal has six storage tanks capable of holding 1.5 million barrels of crude oil and one buoy for loading and unloading. The terminal was built to transship crude oil produced in Egypt’s western desert, allowing Russian barrels to be blended with local volumes.

On August 2, it became known that the countries of the Big Seven (G7, which includes the UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA, France and Japan) are exploring the possibility of introducing a complete ban on the transportation of oil from Russia. In addition, it was previously reported that the G7 may also limit oil prices from the Russian Federation by December 5.

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