Russia informed Japan about the possible discovery of the body of a passenger of the vessel KAZU 1 Russian news EN

Japanese Cabinet Secretary General Matsuno: Russia reported the possible discovery of the body of a KAZU 1 passenger

The Japanese authorities have confirmed the receipt of information from the Russian side about the discovery off the coast of the Kuril island of Kunashir of the body of a woman who could have died in the crash of the cruise ship KAZU 1. This was stated by Secretary General of the Cabinet of Ministers of Japan Hirokazu Matsuno, reports TASS.

“On May 10, we received a message from the Russian side that a woman’s body was found off the coast of Kunashir Island. It is not yet known whether she was involved in the KAZU 1 incident,” he said, noting that the Japanese authorities are currently verifying this information.

Japan has previously turned to Russia for help in finding the missing passengers of KAZU 1.

April 23 in northern Japan filed distress call cruise ship Kazu 1. There were 26 people on the ship, patrol boats and an aircraft were sent to the scene of the incident. Presently confirmed the death of 14 people, the rest are missing. The reasons for the incident are still unknown.

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