Russia tightens lead export rules

raw lead
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The Russian authorities continue to implement a consistent policy in terms of regulating the export of metal from the country, which is necessary for the production of industrial products. On Saturday, May 14, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree on the permissive procedure for the export of raw lead, as well as its scrap and waste.

According to the document, published on the official website Cabinet of Ministers, the export of lead and lead scrap from Russia until November 15, 2022 will be allowed only with one-time licenses. They will be issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

The press service of the government stressed that the procedure for obtaining a one-time export license from conscientious market participants will not require additional approvals and permits. Lead producers and lead scrap processors already have all the necessary documents for this.

The decision taken by the authorities of the Russian Federation is aimed at preventing a shortage of lead in the Russian market in the face of sanctions restrictions – the metal is necessary for the production of batteries and is widely used by automakers.

Metallurgy is one of the most developed industries in the Russian economy, second only to the oil and gas industry. The Kremlin previously emphasized that the Russian Federation is one of the world leaders in the metallurgical sector. However, Russian metallurgists began to face unfriendly steps towards themselves. In this regard, the Russian authorities discussed development of a support algorithm for the metallurgical industry.

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