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Russian Ambassador Antonov said that the US does not like the Sarmat missile, they want to ban it

Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov On the air of the Soloviev Live TV program, he said that the United States did not like the Russian Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle and the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile. His words lead TASS.

The diplomat noted that the United States wants to ban or limit their use under future strategic arms control treaties.

They don’t like the Poseidon very much, they don’t like the Sarmat very much, and in all the meetings that we have with representatives of academia, we are told all the time that in a future arms control agreement, these Poseidons should be banned, of course same, it is necessary to limit the use of “Sarmatians” and so on

Anatoly AntonovRussian Ambassador to the USA

Former White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki statedthat the testing of “Sarmat” will not affect the position of the United States on the situation around Ukraine. A spokeswoman for the US administration responded negatively to the question of whether Washington views the missile launch as a “warning or threat” from Moscow.

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April 20 Ministry of Defense reportedthat at the state test spaceport Plesetsk in Arkhangelsk region at 15:12 from the silo launcher, the Sarmat fixed-based intercontinental ballistic missile was successfully launched.

The new missile is capable of hitting targets at long ranges using a variety of flight paths. The characteristics allow it to overcome any existing and future missile defense systems.

State Corporation Roscosmos will produce 46 strategic missile systems RS-28 “Sarmat”. Her head Dmitry Rogozin declaredthat the missile will provide Russia with security for 30-40 years, since the US missile defense system (ABM) is powerless against it.

US intervention in the conflict in Ukraine

Anatoly Antonov said that the US is getting deeper into the conflict in Ukraine, which could have unpredictable consequences for the two nuclear powers. He noted that Moscow has to remind its American colleagues almost daily that the United States and Russia are the states that are responsible for world security.

The situation, however, is extremely, extremely dangerous today. The United States is increasingly drawn into a conflict with the most unpredictable consequences for relations between the two nuclear powers.

Anatoly AntonovRussian Ambassador to the USA

The ambassador pointed out that the United States is whipping up talk about Russia’s alleged plans to use nuclear weapons. He stressed that such statements are not true, their goal is to make a pariah out of the country.

Formerly Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev declaredthat in the event of a direct conflict between Russia and countries NATO there is a risk of nuclear war. The politician called such a situation a “catastrophic scenario for everyone” and recommended that the West pursue a more balanced policy.

Before this head Pentagon Lloyd Austin notedthat Russia’s nuclear potential is of concern to the United States, as it could pose a threat to world security.

Concerns about the use of nuclear weapons arose after the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. how emphasized head of US intelligence Avril HaynesRussia will not use nuclear weapons outside the situation of “existential threat”, but it may consider defeat in the conflict with Ukraine as such if the North Atlantic Alliance is involved in it.

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“Russia firmly tells the US that it will not capitulate in Ukraine”

Antonov said that Russia will not capitulate in Ukraine and firmly speaks about this to the United States. He expressed confidence that all the tasks assigned to the Russian military by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief would be completed during the special operation.

We speak firmly and clearly and we are unequivocally sure of this, at least the Russian diplomats who work here, there will be no such capitulation, there never will be. All we want is that there is no threat to the Russian Federation from the territory of Ukraine

Anatoly AntonovRussian Ambassador to the USA

The ambassador added that the American side is ready for negotiations, but puts forward a number of conditions. He identified three of them. The first is to stop the special military operation in Ukraine. The second is to withdraw the troops behind the line until February 24, and the third is to “repent for everything they have done.”

24 February Vladimir Putin announced about the special operation in Donbass. Thus, according to the head of state, Russia responded to requests for military assistance from the heads of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DNR and LNR).

The United States has driven the dialogue with Russia to a standstill

Antonov said that the US authorities froze and deadlocked dialogue with Russia, they themselves stopped face-to-face contacts, leaving communication by phone or e-mail, and defiantly neglected the interests of Moscow.

The ambassador noted that Washington “torpedoed attempts at a peaceful settlement” of the crisis in Europe and ignored calls to influence the Ukrainian authorities to start negotiations with Donbass. The United States subsequently rejected Russian security guarantees, the diplomat added.

To date, all Russian demands, all Russian concerns have been ignored. In fact, we were offered to lie under the wheels of a NATO train moving at great speed towards Russia

Anatoly AntonovRussian Ambassador to the USA

Antonov expressed the opinion that the United States focused on weakening Russia in order to isolate it, and is ready to do everything to prevent a situation where the country is one of the key powers in a multipolar world.

The ambassador said that the United States is interested in maintaining a hotbed of instability in Europe, and they have largely succeeded in such a policy.

According to him, NATO countries and European Union (EU) have rallied around Washington and together they are creating a “wall” that will stop mutually beneficial and equal cooperation with Russia for many years to come.

Former chapter Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov declaredthat Russia does not intend to start a war in Europe, but Western countries constantly say that Moscow needs to “defeat”.

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