Russian gas deliveries to Europe are expected to remain at the same level

Gas in underground storage
©Frank Hoermann / SVEN SIMON/Global Look Press

Gas deliveries from Russia through the Nord Stream pipeline and the gas transportation system of Ukraine on Friday, June 24, are planned at the levels of the previous days. This is evidenced by the data of gas transmission network operators.

According to the operator of Nord Stream, Nord Stream AG, the nomination for pumping for a gas day on June 24 amounted to about 64 million cubic meters. “Prime”. At this level, applications have been holding for several days. This is about 40% of the maximum capacity of the gas pipeline.

The pumping of Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine also remains at the level of the previous days. According to the “GTS Operator of Ukraine”, the application for the transit of fuel through the gas measuring station “Sudzha” on Friday is 42.1 million cubic meters.

On Thursday, June 23, Gazprom announced that it was supplying gas through the Sudzha gas measuring station in volume confirmed by Ukraine – 42.6 million cubic meters. The application for pumping through the Sohranivka station was again rejected by the Ukrainian side.

Deliveries through Sokhranivka were stopped at the initiative of the Ukrainian side after the station ended up on the territory controlled by the military of the Luhansk People’s Republic. After that, the volume of gas pumping fell by almost half.

Russian gas supplies via Nord Stream have been reduced due to problems with equipment. Gazprom announced on June 14 that it could only use three gas pumping units. The next day, the Russian company announced that forced to stop another gas turbine. The reason was, in particular, delays in the repair of equipment of the German company Siemens.

Also, from June 21, gas supplies to Europe via the Turkish Stream were stopped. It is under scheduled maintenance.

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