Russian military prevented the escape of prisoners in Kherson after a riot in a pre-trial detention center

The DPR said that Kyiv is hiding information about almost 100 prisoners

The prisoners who are in the Kherson pre-trial detention center rebelled and tried to escape to the city. However, the riots were suppressed with the help of the joint efforts of the Ukrainian employees of the detention center and the military police of the Russian Federation. This was announced on Saturday, May 14, by a source in the Russian law enforcement agencies.

“On Wednesday <...> the prisoners of the pre-trial detention center in Kherson organized a mass riot and left the cells, – told the interlocutor of RIA Novosti. “The security staff of the facility asked for help from the Russian military police to stabilize the situation.” The source stressed: “Today, the situation is stable, all the prisoners are in their places.”

According to him, investigative measures are now being carried out, within their framework it will be necessary to find out under what circumstances the prisoners managed to leave the cells.

The pre-trial detention center is located almost in the center of the city, at the moment there are over 280 people in it, in particular those convicted of serious crimes. 13 of them were sentenced to life imprisonment.

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