Russian servicemen saved cats and dogs from a kennel near Kharkov from starvation

Russian servicemen saved animals from a nursery near Kharkov from death

A photo: tk startk star

Thus, about 30 dogs of the American Akita breed, as well as cats of various breeds, were saved from starvation. Subsequently, all animals will be distributed between nurseries in the Belgorod region.

It should be noted that the Russian military continue to evacuate civilians from Kharkov region to Russia. In areas where families live, including those with small children, the sounds of gunfire did not subside – they were attacked by Ukrainian militants and servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Through the efforts of the RF Armed Forces, more than 60 people were safely transported to the Belgorod Region.

Earlier, a resident of Mariupol, Elena Kim, who was evacuated from her hometown to Berdyansk, told how a dog named Ice, whom she sheltered, saved a woman’s family during shelling by Ukrainian nationalists.

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