Scientists explain the photo of a strange “door” on Mars

martian door
©NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS / NeV-T

NASA recently released a rare photo taken by the Curiosity rover on Mars showing what appears to be a rock entrance. Although the photo has caused a stir among internet users who have put forward various hypotheses about its origin, including the theory of the work of aliens, scientists are sure that this is simply the result of erosion.

Imperial College UK Professor Sanjeev Gupta told the Daily Telegraphthat the “door” in the rock was formed as a result of “ordinary geological processes.” According to him, the crack could have appeared at any time in the past millions of years.

Planetary geologist Nicholas Mangold, in turn, assures that the crack is quite small, and its estimated height is no more than a meter.

According to British geologist Neil Hodgkins, the resulting image is “very curious”, but it is not proof of extraterrestrial life. The scientist noted that the crack is a product of a natural geological process and is similar to outcrops that can be seen in many arid places on Earth. The reason for the erosion of the rock Hodgkins called the Martian winds, because of which it could collapse at the intersection of horizontal and vertical layers.

Images of Mars published by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Photos of the strange “door” forced Internet users to put forward a variety of theorieshow such a formation could have arisen.

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