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Ophthalmologist Ageev called red and blue lenses dangerous for the eyes

Ophthalmologist Vladimir Ageev called the Russians the color of the lenses of sunglasses that pose a danger to the eyes. About how tinted lenses harm, the expert told “”.

Vladimir Ageev called glasses with red, blue and green lenses the worst choice. According to him, they disrupt color reproduction so much that after a while a person will no longer perceive objects and space normally.

“Prolonged use of red lenses is fraught with overstrain of the eye muscles: the eyes get tired quickly, the head starts to hurt, the person feels overwhelmed. Red color has a bad effect not only on the eyes themselves, but also on the nervous system. Such glasses can cause rapid fatigue, or vice versa, make a person irritable and aggressive, ”explains the doctor.

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The ophthalmologist also advised against buying glasses with blue and green lenses. “Compared to red glasses, they load the nervous system less, but are still harmful to the eyes. Such lenses let the blue spectrum of sunlight through, which is extremely harmful to the retina. In addition, blue glass interferes with the formation of correct color reproduction,” says Vladimir Ageev.

The expert drew attention to the fact that many consider yellow or orange lenses to be useful, but this is only partly true.

“They help you see better in bad weather, when it’s raining or foggy outside, improve contrast and depth of volumetric perception of objects. Therefore, such glasses are popular with drivers and cyclists. However, from a medical point of view, yellow lenses are not useful. In sunny weather, they blind the eyes, which increases intraocular pressure, ”specified the ophthalmologist.

Formerly neurologist Rustem Gayfutdinov named deterioration of vision is the first sign of a dangerous disease. According to him, the deterioration or sudden loss of vision, up to complete blindness, may indicate multiple sclerosis, which otherwise does not give itself away.

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