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Professor Yulia Galliamova called hemangiomas a harmless cosmetic defect

Dermatologist, Professor Yulia Galliamova dispelled the myth about the danger of hemangiomas, red formations on the skin. About why some people have bright spots, she told the publication

The doctor of medical sciences explained that hemangiomas are essentially dilated vessels. She emphasized that, despite the fears of many of her patients, hemangiomas are not dangerous. However, they annoy some people, so Galliamova suggests that they be considered a cosmetic defect.

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“They are not dangerous, they do not say anything, although there are suggestions that this indicates a metabolic syndrome, hypertension inside the liver, but this has not been proven. In evidence-based medicine, they do not pose any danger, except for an aesthetic defect, which, in principle, is easy to fix by simply removing them on the skin. But of course, you shouldn’t run to a dermatologist, being scared, ”the dermatologist explained.

Formerly Yulia Galliamova named way to keep your skin young. To avoid the appearance of imperfections, the cosmetologist recommends using sunscreen, which is the best prevention of aging and prevents the development of cancer.

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