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ENT Zaitsev warned about the possibility of getting sinusitis and otitis at sea

Rhinootolaryngologist Vladimir Zaitsev warned about the dangers of seaside vacations. The fact that the joy of staying at the resort can be overshadowed by the appearance of diseases, the ENT told the publication “Word and Deed”.

Zaitsev recalled that vacations on the sea coast can help cure many diseases, but you can also get sinusitis, otitis media and more there. Therefore, the doctor does not advise people who suffer from nasal congestion or a runny nose to go on vacation. “A mild runny nose will most likely turn into a state of sinusitis or rhinosinusitis, when the mucous membranes and sinuses become inflamed,” he warns.

If the parents did not cure adenoiditis in children, then after a long stay in the water, young spa residents may develop severe inflammation, the doctor warned. “Inflammation of adenoid vegetations can begin at sea with uncontrolled swimming in cold water or if the water is blooming, smelling, with mud,” the expert emphasized.

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According to the doctor, a change in climate, rhythm of life and nutrition can cause inflammation of the posterior pharyngeal wall and tonsils. This is mainly due to air conditioning and a sharp temperature drop when a tourist enters a very chilled room from the heat, he explained. “Also, soft drinks, ice cream, a long stay in cold water affect health. This can provoke inflammation of the posterior pharyngeal wall and palatine tonsils. This is either acute pharyngitis, or tonsillitis, or inflammation of tonsillitis, ”emphasizes Vladimir Zaitsev.

Different types of inflammation of the ears are one of the most common diseases that worsen during the holidays. Sea water enters the nasopharynx through the nose, then into the auditory tube and provokes inflammation of the middle ear. Otitis media can start and be in its infancy on a trip and get worse during a flight due to the intense pressure.

“Flights are now forced to become longer: if earlier before Sochi flew two hours, now four hours. Twice as likely that a person can get sick. The flight back by plane can provoke inflammation of the ear, inflammation of the auditory tube, ”specifies the rhino-otolaryngologist.

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