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Oncologist Bazylev urged to avoid frequent hair straightening because of the risk of cancer

Oncologist and chemotherapist Andrei Bazylev named cosmetic procedures that can trigger the development of cancer. His words lead “Fifth Channel”.

So, he urged to avoid drugs that contain dioxane – this substance can cause various endocrine disorders in the body.

According to Bazylev, it is also risky to do beauty procedures for hair straightening too often, since the preparations contain formaldehyde, a strong carcinogen. In addition, the specialist recommended not to abuse the use of an ultraviolet nail lamp.

Earlier in May, an oncologist Igor Samoilov declaredthat long-term containment of negative emotions can lead to dangerous consequences. According to the physician, attempts to constantly suppress emotions cause a severe blow to the entire body, which in the long term can cause the development of cancer.

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