Senator Klimov praised Russia’s ability to resist the West

Russia capable of resisting the West from the standpoint of resource support for sovereignty and from the point of view of the military-technical plan. This opinion was shared by the head of the commission Federation Council on State Sovereignty Andrey Klimov.

He noted that the commission held a meeting on the topic of ensuring the sovereignty of the country in the current conditions. Klimov described them as “a total war declared by the West.”

“In military-technical terms and in terms of resource support for domestic sovereignty, our capabilities are uniquely able to withstand existing challenges,” RIA Novosti quotes Klimov.

The public news service reported that Klimov expressed doubts that Kyiv will fulfill the proposals from the negotiations. At the same time, the senator called the proposals themselves a good sign.

The next face-to-face round of talks between Russia and Ukraine took place on March 29 in Istanbul. The meeting of representatives of Moscow and Kyiv in the Dolmabahce Palace lasted three hours. It was held in a closed format.

Message Senator Klimov praised Russia’s ability to resist the West first appeared on Public News Service.

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