Serbian authorities announced their intention to resist the imposition of sanctions against Russia Russian news EN

Serbian President Vucic said that Serbia will resist the imposition of sanctions against Russia

The Serbian authorities have declared their intention to resist the imposition of sanctions against Russia as long as they can. This was stated by the President of the Republic Alexander Vucic on TV channel Prva.

According to him, Serbia is under enormous pressure due to its unwillingness to join Western sanctions against Russia. At the same time, the politician noted that the country does not plan to introduce restrictive measures until the last moment, since it pursues an independent foreign policy.

He noted that Belgrade has held out for 80 days and will continue to resist the imposition of anti-Russian sanctions “for as long as it can.” The President added that this issue is also related to the price of gas and energy resources in the country.

“We suffer a lot because of the non-application of sanctions against the Russian Federation, we do this because of our respect for international law. The cost of Serbian independence and autonomy is high,” Vuvić said.

Former Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić Brussels declaredthat fears new sanctions European Union against Russia. He stressed that he did not know exactly what measures would be introduced, but suggested that the sixth package of sanctions would be followed by the seventh and eighth. The head of state allowed the cessation of oil and gas supplies from Russia to Serbia.

Also Vučić commented imposing sanctions against Russia. According to him, in this matter Serbia is guided by its own interests.

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