Sergei Shoigu: “Attention to the geography of our country gives us a feeling of a solid foundation”

Today at 12:00 Moscow time, the long-awaited Geographic Dictation begins. Sergei Shoigu sent his congratulations to everyone who will take part in the traditional international educational campaign of the Russian Geographical Society.

“Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome everyone to the next, eighth, Geographical dictation!

Over the seven years of the international educational campaign of the Russian Geographical Society, almost two and a half million people have tested their knowledge (by the way, an interesting fact is that there are approximately the same number of rivers in our country). This is very important, because today the knowledge of geography, the history of the exploration of the globe is more relevant than ever. And attention to the geography of our country gives us a feeling of a solid foundation, confidence in ourselves and our abilities.

Geography as a science has not froze, it continues to develop, no matter what. Over the past year, the Russian Geographical Society has carried out 14 federal and more than two hundred regional scientific expeditions, and made many discoveries.

We build on the past, are proud of the present and believe in future discoveries.

The importance of Dictation is difficult to overestimate. But let’s have fun and take participation in the action as a holiday, as an occasion to test and expand our knowledge. I hope that the questions of the Dictation will cause a desire to share interesting facts with relatives and friends, so that next year the number of participants in the action will be at least equal to the number of square kilometers of our country.

President of the Russian Geographical Society Sergei Shoigu“.

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