Sergio Corona already has a name and release date for his autobiography

Sergio Corona has dedicated most of his life to art: in tents, theater, television, cinema and now in letters. The patriarch of the tv series How does the saying gowhose work makes him current in the public’s taste at 94 years of life, will launch an autobiographical book entitled I invite you to my dressing roomrevealed to The Sun of Mexico.

The actor, comedian and dancer confirmed that “in two months at the latest my book will be launched, I hope it will be presented at the International Book Fair in Mexico City in 2022, there are still about five months to go until it is released.” perform, I hope to be included in one of the face-to-face presentations”, he confided.

It was reserved if the copy really was left with little more than or exactly 200 pages, because “I have a large number of unpublished photos of work in shows, theater, cinema and television as well as personal and family photos.”

He worked in collaboration with the writer Miriam Mejía, who in 2018, together with the late Lourdes Ruiz, made La Reina del albur el libro Every time I see you, I throb.

In a break from the recordings of the special of as the saying goes which will air on May 10, said he was surprised, excited and proud to play 12 years ago Don Thomas. “I have nothing to thank the producer Genoveva Martínez for the growth and evolution she has had Don Thomas. As you will remember in the pandemic, I communicated with my business by zoom and since last year I have already been recording my episodes in person.

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And before the proximity of Mother’s Day, he trusted that “women are the producers of humanity, without women there would be no families, no population on the planet. I remember my mother, she was a good, intelligent, hard-working and loving being with me and my brothers”.

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