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Sharon Stone admits she lost nine children to miscarriage

The 64-year-old American actress admitted that she had experienced nine miscarriages. Her words transmits People edition.

“We, as women, do not have a platform to discuss the depth of this loss. I lost nine children as a result of miscarriages, ”said Stone.

The actress has no blood children, only adopted ones. Total Stone adopted three boys: Roen Joseph, Laird Vonn and Quinn Kelly in 2000, 2005 and 2006 respectively.

“This is a serious problem. We have to go through this alone and secretly, feeling some kind of failure, ”she said.

The Hollywood star added that after the loss of a child, women need “compassion, empathy and healing.” According to the actress, women’s health today has become “weak and oppressed”, as it is forced to support the “male ideology”.

Previously fiance Britney Spears told about their experiences after the miscarriage of the singer.

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