simple tricks will help “go tanned all year round”

Blogger Sasha Konovalova
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Russian travel blogger Sasha Konovalova, who lives in Turkey, suggested ways to get a long-term and beautiful tan that locals use. life hacks she revealed in her personal blog on the Yandex.Zen platform.

So, first of all, the girl recommended doing peeling in the hammam in the first days of the vacation. The same procedure can be done in a regular bathroom by purchasing a special mitten in advance. The author stressed that such a trick would be relevant even for owners of very fair skin and will allow “to walk tanned all year round.”

Also, the Russian woman urged not to neglect sunscreen. “If I haven’t sunbathed for two or three months, then I use a product with SPF 50 for about a week. And then I gradually reduce the level of protection,” she shared. In addition, the blogger advises not to go out during peak hours, and always use after-sun coolants that relieve redness of the skin.

In addition, the Russian woman shared tips on nutrition in hot weather, which are followed by the Turks themselves. For example, at high temperatures, they include ayran, lemonade, light salads, greens, vegetables and berries in the diet.

“If the Turks eat “heavy” dishes like lamb kebab in the heat, they will definitely compensate for this with ayran and an impressive portion of salad. I advise you to try it – it helps!” – concluded the author.

A good tan has contraindications. The beautician explained what not to do before sunburn and what cosmetics are not recommended for those who plan to sunbathe.

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