Smolny spoke about the situation with an autistic child in the Central Park of Culture and Education on June 23, 2022 – City – Saint-Petersburg News

The man who used a mop to kick out a child with autism and his mother from the pier has already been fired. They are in charge of the prosecutor’s office. This was told to Fontanka on June 23 by the head of the committee on culture, Fyodor Boltin. He added that the aggressor is not an employee of the TsPKiO, but an employee of a company that rents a berth.

“I was horrified to learn about the situation that happened on Yelagin Island – an unacceptable and disrespectful attitude towards visitors to the park by one of the employees of a private company renting a pier. It is especially disgusting that a woman with a child was subjected to aggression, ”said Boltin.

The head of the committee requested all the necessary explanations from the directorate of the Central Park of Culture and Culture. According to them, the employee has already said goodbye. Measures will also be taken against the organization itself.

“I am sure that the dismissed employee will also be held accountable if the competent authorities see other violations in his actions, in addition to obvious unethical behavior. On behalf of the administration of the park and the committee for culture of St. Petersburg, I sincerely apologize to Lyudmila and her son. I contacted her by phone and assured her that we would make every effort to prevent similar situations from happening again,” Boltin added.

He emphasized the inadmissibility of any manifestation of aggression or disrespect for children, especially those with special needs.

“In St. Petersburg cultural institutions, including those on Elagin Island, much has been done in recent years to create an accessible and safe environment, charitable and inclusive projects are being implemented. This important work of hundreds of people cannot and should not be crossed out by the inadequate behavior of one absolutely ill-mannered person, ”said the head of the city committee for culture.

Lyudmila told Fontanka that she just wanted to sit with her son on the pier. At that moment, they were aggressively driven out by a young man, who several times hit mop on the child’s legs.

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