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Reuters: Twitter and Google to challenge US military blocking ban for political views

Lobbying groups representing a number of American technology companies, including the Meta Corporation (recognized as an extremist organization and banned in the Russian Federation), Twitter and Google filed an emergency request with the US Supreme Court to suspend a Texas law that prohibits major social networks from blocking users for their political views. The agency writes Reuters.

Under this law, social networks with more than 50 million monthly active users are prohibited from blocking people’s accounts based on their political views. In addition, these social networks are required to publicly disclose the principles of content moderation.

Lobbying groups such as NetChoice and the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) filed suit against the law shortly after it was signed into law by the Texas governor last September.

In December, a district court blocked the law, ruling that such restrictions were detrimental to companies’ right to free speech. However, on Wednesday, an appeals court suspended the blocking, and the law went into effect.

Earlier it became known that the court in California rejected US ex-president lawsuit Donald Trump to Twitter. He demanded to restore his accounts on the social network and compensate for the damage from their blocking. Trump also sought to declare unconstitutional Twitter’s immunity from legal prosecution for user-published content and attempts to censor it.

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