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Rogozin joked about Sarmat strike on Finland and Sweden if they join NATO

Chapter Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin joked about a strike by the Sarmat strategic missile system on Finland and Sweden if they enter into North Atlantic Alliance. The corresponding post on Saturday, May 14, he published in his Telegram-channel.

“Russia has no hostile intentions towards Finland and Sweden, said the deputy head Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Grushko. “Sarmat” also has no prejudice and hostile intentions towards NATO countries. It’s just such a job,” Rogozin wrote.

Earlier, on May 14, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Alexander Grushko informedthat the entry of Finland and Sweden into the alliance will not remain without a political reaction from Moscow. He stressed that the decision on the Russian reaction will be made after a thorough and verified analysis of all factors.

According to the Foreign Minister of Finland Pekki Haavistothe country file application to NATO in the middle of next week. A similar step is being considered in Sweden: according to local media, Stockholm can send the relevant application as early as May 16.

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