Spain proposed hosting Eurovision 2023 instead of Ukraine Russian news EN

Spain announced the possibility of hosting Eurovision instead of Ukraine in 2023

If Ukraine is unable to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023, Spain is ready to host it on its territory. This statement was made by the director of communications of the Spanish state television and radio company RTVE Maria Eisagirre, reports TASS.

“RTVE proposes to support Ukraine in everything in this organization [конкурса в 2023 году]and in case they need it, we would be ready to host the next <...> Eurovision,” she said.

Earlier it became known that the winner of the international song contest “Eurovision”, which in 2022 was held in the Italian Turinaccording to the results of voting became Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra. By tradition, the next venue for Eurovision should be the state represented by the winners.

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky promised to do everything so that the Eurovision Song Contest will one day be held in Mariupol.

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