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A resident of St. Petersburg had to follow the beaten path, on which the achievements of another St. Petersburg resident, Vladimir Khudaleev, were marked with landmarks. In his biography there are more than a hundred lawsuits and another statement with accusations of fraud.

Valeria, she told Fontanka, had the honor of a brief acquaintance with Khudaleev two years ago, she was looking for an apartment for a friend. The girls found an ad, phoned the owner of the living space in 21 houses on Komendantsky Prospekt and went to inspect square meters for 12,000 rubles a month. They were not going to sign anything right away, the potential tenant did not even take her passport with her. But Vladimir was convincing, so under the Russian “maybe” Lera entered her data into the document, and only after that the girls managed to have a short conversation with their neighbors.

Neighbors hinted at the fact that the landlord was doing business as if not in good conscience. While the girls were seeing the light, Khudaleev took the contract for two months of rent, left the key in the room and left. According to Valeria, they refused to rent a room about 20 minutes after they entered it. The key was not touched, Khudaleev was informed about the decision not to live on Komendantsky by phone.

Two months later, exactly on the day the two-month lease expired, a message came from a number known to Valeria as Khudaleev’s contact – the contract was concluded, but no payments were made on it. “It’s impossible,” the interlocutor, who introduced himself as Vladimir Evgenievich, moralized (the correspondence is at the disposal of Fontanka). To bewilderment, he replied with a reference to a clause of the contract: it was necessary to send the keys “by an exceptionally valuable letter, exclusively with an inventory of attachments.” Moreover, Vladimir Evgenievich knew that the first thing Valeria would do was to slander him and he had an audio recording confirming the receipt of the keys. “I suppose that it would be right if you deposited 3,000 rubles. How do you think?” – wrote the landlord.

A few months later, Valeria received a notification about the existence of a court order, according to which she owed Vladimir 24 thousand rubles. She canceled the order. New news from the plaintiff arrived recently – Khudaleev demands 10 thousand rubles for a set of keys, insisting that Valeria did not return them to him. From the point of view of the defendant, the question is somewhat philosophical – how to return what you did not take?

The court session will be held in Moscow – even jurisdiction is spelled out in the lease agreement. It is noteworthy that the two-year-old order and Khudaleev’s recent lawsuit do not match the addresses of the allegedly rented apartment. Valeria had to talk with Vladimir Evgenievich several more times and, she shared her observation with Fontanka, she got the impression that he might not remember exactly which of his “ex-tenants” he was talking to. The girl turned to the prosecutor’s office for help.

There are a lot of those who do not peer into the clauses of the enslaving contract, described several stories and Fontanka. For example, Tatyana paid for a month’s rent and half of the deposit, the next month she repeated the procedure and a month later she moved out in the belief that Khudaleev did not owe anything and was hardly going to keep a memory of him. According to the landlord, she paid the deposit in full, but half the rent, which, under the terms of the contract, is punishable by a fine of half a million rubles. The court sided with Khudaleev. The same document required some people to notify about early departure only through the Russian Post, to pay rent only from a Sberbank card. Some tried to call Khudaleev to account through allegations of fraud, but the police of the Primorsky district somewhat exotically refused. Literally through bait fishing, journalists tried to talk to Khudaleev of the St. Petersburg TV channel. The flow of questions Petersburger demolished categorical silence. Peekaboo, VKontakte groups, publications in other media, complaints, stories, attempts to consolidate – frankly notoriety will pour out on a person who enters the landlord’s data into a search engine. Yet Vladimir Khudaleev and his business model are unsinkable.

Since March 2018, the database of justices of the peace in St. Petersburg has stored information on 42 cases in which Khudaleev acted as a plaintiff. In the system of GAS “Pravosudie”, where far from all cases from justices of the peace fall (Petersburg, for example, is not represented there), when searching by the full name of the landlord, 156 results fall out starting from 2016, which cover 27 regions. Several recent cases.

Criminal prosecution in the life of Khudaleev was still present. The statement was written by the chairman of the same HOA, under whose roof Valeria spent 20 minutes. The owner of the apartment came with a claim, saying that you did not complain about me to the district administration because of the illegal redevelopment. The argument ended with a blow to the woman’s face. As she told the media, after 10 days in the hospital, where she was treated for a broken cheekbone, she was denied 11 times to initiate proceedings. The woman achieved her goal, but while she insisted, the statute of limitations expired in the case of causing minor bodily harm, it was terminated on non-rehabilitating grounds in February 2020.

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Photo: Alexander Kazakov/Kommersant

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