Staying up late and drinking a lot of coffee: 12 habits that kill the kidneys day after day

7. The habit of enduring to the last

If there are urges to urinate, you should not restrain them, enduring until the moment when it will be unbearable. Frequent and prolonged retention of urine in the bladder is not a good habit.

Excess urine increases pressure in the ureters and pelvis, which can damage the kidneys and increase the risk of damage to them.. In addition, the bladder itself suffers – the risk of urinary incontinence increases.

8. The habit of drinking a lot of coffee

Often we drink coffee literally by the liter, without thinking about its effect on the kidneys. In addition, caffeine is found in many drinks, including tea and soda.

Besides the fact that coffee dehydrates, which is already bad for the kidneys, it also increases blood pressure. In fact, this is a double blow to the excretory organs.

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