Strong wind and light rain expected in Moscow on May 14

The weather in Moscow
© Avilov Alexander / Moskva Agency

On Saturday, May 14, the weather conditions in the capital region will continue to be determined by the rear of the cyclone. The day is forecast to be partly cloudy with some rain.

Air temperature

The thermometers in Moscow will show from 15 to 17°C above zero. In the Moscow region, it is expected from 13 to 18°С of heat. At night, in the capital, the indicator will drop to + 7 ° С, in the Moscow region – to + 4 ° С.

Wind, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, humidity

The wind is forecast to be from the west. It will blow at a speed of 6–11 m/s. Gusts up to 15 m/s are likely in places. In this regard, in the capital region from 9:00 to 21:00 Moscow time on May 14, a “yellow” level of weather danger will operate. Precipitation during the day is expected in the form of light showers. Relative humidity will be about 40%. Atmospheric pressure in the middle of the day will reach 739 mm Hg. Art., reported on the official website of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia.

Climatic comfort and geomagnetic activity

Atmospheric pressure will rise to normal values, the oxygen content will remain normal, only in the daytime a slight decrease is possible. Such weather conditions are indifferent for most people and do not place high demands on the adaptive mechanisms of the body. However, seasonal features, changes in temperature and ultraviolet regimes can adversely affect the general well-being of weather-dependent people with reduced adaptive potential, reports the portal “Meteonovosti”.

Earlier, the Hydrometeorological Center warned that in Moscow at the beginning of next week the temperature is predicted to be 3-4°C below the climatic norm. This is due to the fact that the capital region will be in the rear of the cyclone, for this reason the weather will be rainy, and atmospheric pressure is low, by 8–10 mm Hg. Art. below the norm.

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