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The National Interest: Russia intends to create a defensive shield against possible attacks

In the United States, the characteristics of the Russian anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) S-500 “Triumfator” were evaluated. The publication writes about it The National Interest.

It is noted that the new complex is designed primarily not to make holes in military aircraft. This suggests that Russia intends to create its own defensive shield against possible attacks using cruise and ballistic missiles.

In turn, the S-500 Prometheus complex is distinguished by a maximum vertical height of 185-200 kilometers. This allows it to destroy incoming ICBMs and satellites in low orbit.

Earlier in May, Russian medium-range Buk-M2 and short-range Tor-2M anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMs) destroyed more than 40 targets during military operations in Ukraine. According to the Ministry of Defense, one second is enough for air defense systems, they can simultaneously track up to nine hundred targets in a selected air square.

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