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The Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) reversed two rulings of the Specialized Regional Room and ordered that it be re-examined whether the secretary of External relationships, Marcelo Ebrardand the head of Government, claudia sheinbaumcommitted anticipated pre-campaign and campaign acts.

The sentence of the Upper room reverses two determinations dictated by the Regional Room last June 30 and July 7, in which the magistrates unanimously denied that the president or the chancellor have committed violations of electoral regulations.

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Both rulings rejected the complaints filed by the PRIan institute that charged that the participation of both officials in the public events of Brunette celebrated in Condition of Mexico Y Coahuila Last June they involved early pre-campaign and campaign acts for the 2024 electoral process.

The Institutional Revolutionary argued in his complaints that the assistance of Sheinbaum Y Ebrard These political acts gave them a clear advantage over possible opposition candidates two years before the presidential election is held, a fact that violates the fairness of the contest.

However, the Living room Regional rejected at the time the arguments of the PRIbut this Wednesday the Upper room revoked the two sentences since, according to the projects of the magistrate President Reyes Rodriguez Mondragonincurred a lack of justification.

According to the above, the magistrates of the Specialized Regional Room they did not duly argue “because, based on the facts denounced and the context in which they were carried out, the subjective element of the anticipated campaign acts was not updated from the perspective of functional equivalents; This, in turn, resulted in the failure to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the complaints and, above all, of the facts denounced.”

Thus, with a majority of five votes in favor and one against the magistrate Monica Arali Soto Fregosoit was ordered to issue new sentences with the observations of the Superior Chamber in order to see if the rulings are upheld or not.

About these proselytizing acts in the Mexico state Y Coahuila, claudia sheinbaum It was already sanctioned by electoral authorities. Without considering that they are anticipated campaign events, the Commission of complaints Y Complaints of Institute National Electoral (INE) issued precautionary measures against the head of government in which she was ordered to refrain from attending, convening or inviting events of this type.

Along with her, the Secretary of the Interior, Adam Augusto Lopez Hernandezand senator Ricardo Monrealall of them virtual candidates for Morena’s candidacy in the 2024 election, known as “corcholatas”.

In his statement of reasons to curb proselytizing acts, the counselor of the INE, Cyrus Murayamanoted that the event in Coahuila (and the Condition of Mexico) had “the characteristics, more than an ordinary act of the internal life of the party associated with what the statutes of the party itself political institute marked, for example, for the renewal of their leadership, the holding of meetings of their governing bodies, this was an outward act with all the characteristics of electoral proselytizing events to try to convince citizens to electorally adhere to a political project ”.

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