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Many of the scenes in movie And where are the blondes? they have managed to immortalize themselves in memes and videos that prevail after 18 years of their premiere, but without a doubt the one that starred Terry Crews is one of the most loved.

His participation in the film was immortalized when, on top of his sports car and accompanied by one of the blondes, he passionately sang Vanessa Carlton’s theme, To Thousand Miles.

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The actor did not imagine the success that it would cause and how much fun he had on the recording, since hours before audition for the role he had a terrible failure in another test for the television series My Wife and Kids.

During an interview, crews he described his first audition as the worst ever, even though he showed up with the best attitude and thought he would do great.

“Not even I would have given myself the job,” he explained with a laugh.

After that, her agent told her that she had another audition, this time for the movie starring the Wayans brothers and contrary to what he believed, his bad experience it became one of his best works.

“I went and it was amazing, and it was the same day as my first audition. After that failure you don’t care about anything anymore, you just go and do it.”

It was my character and I had total freedom

Director, Keenen Ivory Wayans, was shocked at how well he had done and complimented the actor on the way he connected with the character, but Terry still didn’t believe it.

It was when he started recording that he understood that he felt very comfortable with the character of Latrell Spencer and each of his scenes was fun and easy for him to do.

Keenen gave him complete freedom in his performance, which for the first time made him feel confident as an actor, pulling off his takes with such ease that he didn’t feel at work.

“The song scene was done in one take. Any scene I did was nice.”

Finally at the premiere he received praise and they assured him that he had stolen the leading role in the film. For him, working on And where are the blondes? it changed his life.

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