The blogger ordered a dress from Asos and received an “ostrich costume”: Appearance: Values:

TikTok blogger Katie Snooks compared the dress ordered from Asos with an ostrich costume

Blogger Kathy Snooks ordered a dress from the Asos online store and received an “ostrich costume”. The corresponding video appeared in her TikTok-account.

At the beginning of the video, the girl showed a screenshot of the catalog of the retailer’s website, which showed the model in a mid-thigh mini dress, decorated with feathers and a V-neck, and in heeled sandals. The fashion model stood against the wall, bending one leg.

Then the tiktoker compared how the purchased product looks on her figure. So, she posed sideways in front of the mirror, arching her back. At the same time, the frames show that the clothes look more voluminous on Snooks and reach her knees. Assessing her appearance, the influencer wondered why, unlike the model, she looked like an ostrich in these clothes.

In April reported about blogger Sabrina Stewart, who bought a dress from Asos and found that the outfit delivered by mail looked like Big Bird from Sesame Street, a children’s television program. On the retailer’s website, a user with the nickname sabrinalstewart ordered a neon fringed midi dress. The purchase price was 320 dollars (approximately 25.5 thousand rubles). The girl planned to wear the aforementioned outfit for the celebration of Easter.

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