The blogger showed the right way to tie a swimsuit: Appearance: Values:

Blogger showed the right way to tie a bikini so that it does not rub your neck

A blogger with the nickname showed the right way to tie a bikini so that its straps do not rub your neck. The corresponding video on TikTok was noticed in The Sun.

In the video, the girl lays the untied bikini bodice on a flat surface and forms loose knots in the center of both straps. Then the author of the life hack threads each strap into the opposite knot, after which he tightens the straps tightly. Thus, it is possible to adjust the position of the product on the body with the help of the ends of the straps.

In the caption to the post, the heroine of the material added that this method of fastening the bra does not require additional lacing and will help to avoid discomfort in the neck while swimming. In addition, in her opinion, this method will make the image more stylish.

Subscribers appreciated the advice of the user and thanked her in the comments under the publication. “You just saved my summer”, “If I only knew this 40 years ago”, “Wow, I love this idea”, “I think this will really save my neck from pain,” they said.

Earlier in April, stylist Clemmy Fieldsend named styles of swimsuits that reduce the cost of the appearance of a woman. The fashion editor advised avoiding bikinis that are relevant for the current summer with a “curtain” bra that reveals the lower part of the chest. According to the expert, this model is suitable only for young girls with magnificent forms.

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