The book about forbidden love in the pioneer camp “Summer in a Pioneer Tie” will have a sequel in August 2022 – “What the Swallow is silent about” – Poster Plus – Saint-Petersburg News

Popcorn Books August 3 reported about the release of the continuation of his bestseller “Summer in a Pioneer Tie” – “What the Swallow is silent about.” Buyers are warned that the hard copy book can be pre-ordered and will ship “at the end of August.” The edition is again marked 18+.

The book “OCHML” has the same authors, Katerina Silvanova and Elena Malisova. Events are developing 20 years after the story set forth in the previous book: the heroes, Volodya and Yura, then still got lost and now they met again.

“Is it possible to build a future on the ruins of a long forgotten past? Or is it better to let him die, making him truly valuable? .. ”- the authors ask a question in the synopsis.

When purchasing the publication, readers will receive a bookmark and a sticker pack with quotes as a gift – “I don’t want to become a memory”, “Happiness, fit in two weeks, pain that stretches for many years.” How told Fontanka writers, quotes from their last book, “Summer in a Pioneer Tie”, fans stuffed in the form of tattoos.

The paperback book is as big as its predecessor, with 688 pages.

Recall that the circulation of “Summer in a Pioneer Tie” was prohibitive in modern times and amounted to 200 thousand copies. Book entered in the top 3 most popular books among Russians for the first half of 2022 according to the Russian Book Union.

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