The case of the ex-director of Vodokanal Danilov: he was rehabilitated on August 4, 2022 – Society – Saint Petersburg News

The criminal prosecution against Alexander Danilov, the former director of Vodokanal of St. Petersburg, who had just been released from custody, has been terminated. Moreover, he was informed of a complete rehabilitation. In law enforcement practice over the past couple of decades, no one can remember this. But that’s for sure – period.

As it became known to, on the evening of August 3, released from custody On his own recognizance, the ex-director of the State Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal of St. Petersburg” Alexander Danilov, at the request of the investigator, visited the Main Investigation Department of the Main Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg on Ligovsky, 145.

According to 47news, he agreed to give truthful testimony in a well-known criminal case. about abusewhere featured damage to the state enterprise in the amount of more than 890 million rubles. Previously, he refused to testify on the basis of Article 51 of the Constitution.

After his denial of any fraud was included in the protocol of interrogation, the employees of the Main Investigative Directorate solemnly informed him, let’s say, that the criminal prosecution against him was terminated on exonerating grounds. Naturally, even a written undertaking not to leave is disavowed, and in the future Danilov has every right to demand a decent amount from the Treasury of the Russian Federation for the moral and material damage inflicted on him. We dare to assume that Danilov will not stoop to lawsuits against the state.

Of course, such decisions of the investigation must be coordinated with the prosecutor’s office of St. Petersburg. But, judging by the speed of making positive decisions on the fate of Danilov, no delays are foreseen.

It is worth noting: given the suddenness, instantaneousness, and coherence of the work of the authorities on this issue, we can safely assume that over the past decades there has not been anything like this in St. Petersburg, and maybe even in Russia. But that’s what we and St. Petersburg are for, from where a resource, a resource and again a resource has been growing for a long time. And this event is not dark – it is associated with freedom, and not vice versa, as usual.

As for the chain and logic of commands for the release and rehabilitation of Alexander Danilov, then about this – in the material 47news. Everything is presented intelligibly.

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