The cosmetologist spoke about the causes of the second chin

Reasons for the appearance of a second chin

Problems with posture, stoop, unnatural postures for the spine impair blood circulation in the neck, which contributes to the deposition of fat and the appearance of a double chin. This was told by the cosmetologist Nadezhda Egorova, reports “Vechernyaya Moskva” on Wednesday, August 3rd.

In addition, a double chin can also appear due to thyroid diseases. This is due to the proliferation of thyroid tissue and an increase in lymph nodes. Age-related changes and genetic predisposition can also lead to the appearance of a second chin.

Exercises to strengthen the spine, diet adjustments, hardware procedures or plastic surgery can help in solving this problem.

Thus, the problem of the appearance of a second chin is faced not only by those who are overweight. Previously, “Profile” wrote that to prevent the appearance of a second chin and get rid of it, if it has already appeared, self-massage and simple exercises will help.

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