The danger of COVID-19 for the liver is revealed: Anomalies: From life:

Hepatologist Vyalov called COVID-19, herbal tea and cleansing the body the causes of non-viral hepatitis

Candidate of Medical Sciences, gastroenterologist-hepatologist, author of the book “What the liver is silent about” Sergey Vyalov said that hepatitis does not always occur due to a viral infection. Its development is provoked by other factors, told expert in an interview with Sputnik radio.

Vyalov said that coronavirus has a negative effect on the liver. The doctor revealed the danger of COVID-19 for this organ and called it one of the causes of non-viral hepatitis, since many drugs are used to treat the infection. Herbal tea and excessive detoxification of the body also lead to liver damage.

“A study conducted in America showed that most of the cases of non-viral hepatitis, the cause of which was difficult to determine, were the result of the use of various means of cleansing the body, including herbal teas, Chinese traditional medicines, Indian drugs for weight loss, as well as it’s not paradoxical, means for “cleansing” the liver and intestines, ”said Vyalov.

The specialist recalled that the symptoms of non-viral hepatitis at an early stage are fatigue, fatigue, a decrease in energy and a more severe reaction of the body to alcohol. To diagnose liver damage, a biochemical blood test should be done.

“Serious symptoms appear only when the liver has already reached the stage of cirrhosis, that is, when it is already 50% inoperative,” the hepatologist concluded.

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