The death of the third St. Petersburg military was confirmed. “Paper”

Petersburger, Russian officer and lieutenant Yuri Viktorovich Zhitkevich died “during a special operation” in Ukraine. This is the third citizen whose death is officially confirmed Petersburg authorities.

“A courageous and strong man, he honestly and wholeheartedly fulfilled his military duty, defended the inhabitants of Donbass and the national security of Russia. He died like a hero, defending the people’s right to life. For his military feat, he was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage,” said St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov.

According to “Paper”, Yuri Zhitkevich studied at school number 83 with in-depth study of Japanese and English languages ​​in the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg. According to preliminary information, the young man graduated in 2012-2014. The management of the institution called those who could know Yuri to say goodbye to him.

Where exactly Zhitkevich served is unknown. There is also no information about Yuriy in Ukrainian channels.

Earlier, Smolny admitted the death of a colonel from St. Petersburg in Ukraine Nikolai Ovcharenkoas well as corporal Sergei Abramchik. They were also awarded the Order of Courage posthumously. In addition, at least six residents of the Leningrad region who died in Ukraine are known (Pavel Pozanene, Dmitry Fedoseev, BUTAndree Portuse, Yury Savenkoy and Matvey Vakhitov).

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